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rPay is Live Phase 1 Countries

rPay is the integrated international payment system of r network. It allows you to cash out anywhere in the world directly from your back office while providing unique and proprietary functions and delivery methods exclusively for members of r network.
We have provided a step by step PDF download.
How to video available below WATCH VIDEO 

rNetwork Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays rNetwork family!

2019 was an adventure at rNetwork! 2020 is the year that will provide financial security in this insecure world to all rNetwork Charter Members.

rNetwork offices will be closed from December 24th to January 1st.
Customer service will be available on December 26th, 27th, 30th from 9am - 5pm (MT) and on Jan. 31st from 9am - Noon(MT).

We wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season,


Christmas Tree Promotion!

Act now, r network Christmas Tree Promotion has begun.
Happy Holidays!

Time to Share the Savings

Share savings this holiday season with those you love.  Members of r network get to enjoy savings with local merchants providing thousands of deals on all sorts of things, from local restaurants, entertainment, spas, ski and golf packages, and retail products, to automotive products and services throughout the US and Canada. LEARN MORE

On the airways of VoiceAmerica

Big Day for r network, on the airways of VoiceAmerica their Listener base is 1.5 Million.

On this episode of Finding Your Frequency, Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure interview CO-founders of r network, President, Richard Smith and CTO, Trent Walker. We talk all bout the technology and monetary pieces that are making this network a huge splash in the Fintech world. r network, a place where the power is shifted back to the individual, where money traditionally captured by big businesses and banks is now being enjoyed by members just like YOU.

Gratitude December

This Holiday season, the r network community has a lot to be grateful for.
So let's take that good fortune and Holiday spirit and make something great happen.

Let's head into 2020 with a new sense of perspective, purpose, and passion!

rPay Country Overview 

r network has completed the successful international testing of the rPay.

We have submitted the results to all of our international payment partners and the international payment switches are being turned on for Phase 1 countries (see details below) over the next few days. When all pathways for payments are turned on, rPay will go live for this coming week's commission run.

To avoid further delays...a decision has been made
to split the rPay launch into 3 phases.

Launching This Coming Commission Period
Phase 1: 44 countries spanning South America, Asia, and Europe. (See Detailed Country Launch List Overview)

Testing Completed. Awaiting Country Payer Authorizations. Coming Very Soon!
Phase 2: 15 countries (See Detailed Country Launch List Overview)

In Development
Phase 3: (See Detailed Country Launch List Overview)

We appreciate your patience. This has been a very large and complex project and we are excited to bring this innovation to you and your teams.

r network*Click for Details*

Thinking about a ski vacation?

r travel is Our exclusive hotel-booking portal that offers better-than-wholesale rates not available to the general public. You have access to exclusive savings on all of your hotel and vacation bookings throughout the world.

Hello December

It's the last month of the year.
For many of us, that means more time spent with family, more Holiday spirit, and an opportunity to reflect on the past eleven months.

For those of us in the r network world, it means a chance to head into 2020 with a foundation that can help us for years to come.

As we push toward the new year with hope and determination, here is something we thought you might like to know...

The r network opportunity Call is tonight! If you haven't been tuning in, know that everyone on the call has been absolutely killing it!

To join the call visit:

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from r network! The holiday season is a time to enjoy family and celebrate life with loved ones. r network is rapidly becoming a worldwide family and we wanted to express how much we love and appreciate all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, r network

The Lauch of rPay is On-Track!

r network is on track for it's November 30th, 2019 launch of rPay, the first integrated international payment system that allows charter members to cash out anywhere in the world directly from your back office without the need of a wallet, prepaid card and in many cases, without a bank account.

Look for more details by the end of the week.

This is an exciting step for r network. As we said in our previous communication, we were surprised by the growth of r network internationally and we appreciate your patience and hard work in making this a reality.

We look forward to providing you with the most exciting ways to SAVE and EARN on the planet.

Coming soon!!!!

r perks

Connecting subscribers with local merchants by providing thousands of deals on all sorts of things, from local restaurants, entertainment, spas, ski and golf packages, and retail products, to automotive products and services throughout the US and Canada.

Click to learn more

Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

November is in the home stretch. We're only a week away from Thanksgiving! 
As the Holidays approach, it's a good time to take stock of where you've been and where you want to go.  r network is different. That's a big part of this journey. We're in this together, as a community, to help each other reach our dreams.  What is your dream?  What do you want to accomplish for yourself and for the people in your life? Focus on the why, and your dreams will follow. 

The r network November 14th Event

The r network November 14th event held in Lehi, Utah with all 5 founders participating was an amazing event packed with loads of new information. Topics included the roll out of new marketing videos and materials, upgraded products and back office functionality and a website overhaul. It concluded with the unveiling of the full POWER3 compensation plan model that will be initiated at the official launch of r network on January 14th, 2020, not to mention the details of the promotion available from now until the launch that 
If you missed it or want to review it, here is a streamlined version below.


Two of r network's founders

Two of r network'sfounders, Troy Muhlestein and Richard Smith sit down to discuss the specifics of how the compensation plan pays during this promotion period (Nov.14th-January 14th, 2020). 

They share the exciting details on how the pay of all T3 qualified (or higher) Charter Members gets a positive boost, after r network's official launch in January, with the Power3rank.
You don't want to miss this!

The Q&A with the founders

The 5 Founders and Creators ofr network held their first Question and Answer session for rnetwork Charter Members and FANN's. This turned out to be a very insightful session about r network's updates, products, future enhancements, clarifications and more. 
You don't want to miss this!

Commissions will be available soon

r network has been working on our international agreements and payout system for several months now and are pleased to let you know that we have hit a major milestone and will be able to pay you out soon. All of the international contracts and agreements necessary to pay in your country are complete. This took a bit longer than we anticipated. We are now in the development and testing phase of the payout application for your back office. The target date for the fully developed and tested application is November 30th, 2019.

This means that you will be able to request your commissions as of Dec. 1st, 2019 through our new application called r money. You should see the icon in your back office on or before Dec. 1st, 2019.

r money uses the Country (and Address) where you reside and provides you with at least one, but for most of you, several options and methods for you to get paid. When you have $50 or more in commissions, you simply click on the Available to Cash Out button and choose your…

Final Countdown to Launch Promotion