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Tips For Shopping On The rNetwork Participation Marketplace

Tips For Shopping On The rNetwork Participation Marketplace
For those new to the rNetwork Participation Marketplace®, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Different elements of the Participation Marketplace are in the development stage and scheduled to roll out over the next two years, dramatically increasing the products and services offered through the already extensive platform. 
Depending on your lifestyle, your needs, and your goals in joining the rNetwork, our Charter Members and FANNs may find they use one or more Market sectors more than others. However, it is always a wise choice to review what is offered in the way of products and services in the Participation Marketplace before considering a purchase outside of the network. Purchases inside the rNetwork Participation Marketplace® provide earnings to Charter Members, making this a groundbreaking way to buy what you need and make money at the same time. 
Consider Top International Brands  By connecting with top international companies…
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Press Release Financial Academy Release

rNetwork releases today their Financial Academy. This academy will help their members trade like a big investment house without all the headaches and confusion.

This service is built by leading experts and proven methodologies from around the world.

Provo, Utah 7/14/2020: For Immediate Release

rNetwork announces today the launch of the rFinancial Academy, which brings powerful investment strategies and education to their members. . This academy is an educational platform focused on Forex and Binary options.
Their members will have the opportunity to attend live training and trading sessions led by experienced traders. The members will have daily suggested trade options, and results will be shared daily to offer complete transparency.

rNetwork is a company dedicated to empowering their members with the ability to save on programs & products they shop for daily, to achieve financial freedom and increase wellness both mentally and physically.

This approach is resulting in a better q…

rNetwork, its past and future

rNetwork is a next-generation Participation Marketplace platform powered by our proprietary software and Payment Engine technology.

We are uniquely positioned to disrupt the advertising and online marketplaces for products and services in 2020 and beyond. Our marketplace is a buying collective made up of thousands of tiny individual networks consisting of Charter Members and FANNs.

The bigger the network grows, the better the savings, discounts and earnings are for the Company and for the Charter Members who participate.

For the first time rNetwork is giving the profits and savings back to the individual and creating a marketplace where everyone wins.

Over the last few years rNetwork Founders and Members have been involved with several other companies and a great many questions have been raised while the company worked on achieving the goals above. This message is designed to clear up any past confusion and to clarify the current business relationships and positions within the compani…

rNetwork announces several new executive appointments and changes to the organizational structure of rNetwork.

As rNetwork matures and prepares to enter the next phase of growth and operations, some key changes have been made to the Executive Team. We are excited to make the following changes to the organization:

Trent Walker will continue as our CEO, and Johnson Mak has been appointed to Head of Technology, a role that had been being fulfilled by Trent Walker before he was appointed CEO of rNetwork. Johnson will now oversee the entire growth, development, and implementation of rNetwork’s entire technical team and infrastructure.

Co-Founder Troy Muhlestein will take a new executive role as Chief Commercial Officer. In this new role, he will manage the Direct Sales portion of rNetwork and is tasked with the strategy and direction of rNetwork in systems and product development. He will step down from his role as Head of Finance.

Neil Reithinger has been appointed as the new CFO of rNetwork. Neil has a wealth of experience in the Public and Private sectors and brings with him a team of skilled indiv…

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: rGlobal Mall Partners With 10 New Brands

rGlobal Mall Continues to Expand for Charter Members and FANN's

Check out all 10 NEW featured brands below and log in to your back office to shop, save, and earn. 
New Feature Reminder! TCR is now shown on the top right corner of each storefront! 
TCR stands for Total Commission Range. Now you know right up front how much corporate profit comes back to YOU and Your Team on purchases in each store in rGlobal Mall.   Stay safe. We are all in this together. rNetwork

rGlobal Mall With New Feature!

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are in unprecedented times. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, we are continually adapting our operations and business. Today, rGlobal Mall adds partners more relevant to these times we are all experiencing.

Today, you will notice several new stores and new features in rGlobal Mall.

We have worked tirelessly to provide vendor partners who carry items more relevant to our times; Food and Meal delivery, Vitamins, Camping Gear, and more Household Goods.

New Feature!

You will also notice a new feature listed on the top right corner of each store... TCR!

TCR stands for Total Commission Range. Now you know right up front how much corporate profit comes back to YOU and Your Team on purchases in each store in rGlobal Mall.

Note: TCR can be a percentage range, a single percentage or even a $ amount.

Savings!25% of TCR comes directly to each Charter Member as commissions. (Paid in the 3rd com…

rMobile Residual Commissions!

Last week we told you about the next Phase of rMobile; Residual Commissions!

We’ve updated the rMobile video so that you can get the word out.

The bigger we get, the better it gets


In Case You Missed it - Last weeks rMobile Announcement

We are happy to announce that beginning April 1st, 2020, rMobile is relaunching and will now PAY UP THE TBS!

You worked hard, and Sprint noticed!   We deepened the relationship, negotiated more profit and are passing those profits along to you!

Not only will you continue to receive the best deals available, but with every new line activation, we will pay $2.50 PER LINE, PER MONTH, UP THE TBS for 24 MONTHS!!!!

Now, on top of the $2 per active Charter Member, you can begin stacking commissions - an additional .25 cents, .50 cents, .75 cents or MORE! The average Charter Member or FANN will activate 4 lines of service; that’s an additional $1 per month!

Every Charter Member , Every FANN , Every Line, EVERY MONTH! Now that’s tr…