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rNetwork Appoints New CEO Key Executive Appointments

It's with a great deal of excitement that the founders of rNetwork announce the following executive appointments.

The Advisory Board of rNetwork brought the recommendation to the Board of Directors and the Board vote was unanimous, that co-founder of rNetwork, Trent Walker be appointed to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of rNetwork, effective 1.20.2020.

Chief Executive Officer
Trent Walker

Trent Walker is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded business leader who has been referred to as a leading payment expert by The Wall Street Journal. He brings 15+ years of multifaceted experience from startup to operational scale in finance and FinTech, working with and for some of the largest technology companies in the world, including Google and Facebook.

Trent has held strategic leadership positions and sat on strategy boards of organizations like Arvato, the $6 billion per year division of Bertlesmann, where he helped to shape their global strategy. Most recently, he was the Founder and CEO of a successful FinTech company who built intelligent payment technology and automation for the financial operations of businesses and banks. Trent easily moves from strategy and design to execution, while focusing on constant improvement and excellence in performance. He is a dynamic and inspirational leader, who’s combination of organization/team leadership experience, drive and culture makes him an ideal fit as the CEO of rNetwork.

The founders of rNetwork have made the following executive appointments of Dave Dove to Director of Sales, effective 1.20.2020.

Director of Sales
Dave Dove

Dave will be taking over the field communication role of rNetwork founder, Richard Smith. He will be working directly with the rNetwork leaders and Charter Members. Dave will have a multi-faceted role in Leadership development, Marketing, Communications, and Social Media to name a few. Dave is an entrepreneur, a leader and a visionary, with experience managing award winning teams and multi-billion-dollar companies. His background in business, sales and photography has developed his creative but competitive approach. Dave is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of helping others, and paying it forward. Dave is on the forefront of the latest and greatest digital sales and marketing strategies.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his success at Wyndham, Hilton and Diamond Resorts. In addition, Dave has also had phenomenal success as a top Six Figure Income Earner and Leader in multiple Direct Sales Companies, and as an Owner and Operator of a Subway Franchise, a Real Estate Company, a Telesales Company and multiple Photography Studios.

The founders of rNetwork have made the following executive appointments of Luke Epps to Director of International Expansion, effective 1.20.2020.

Director of International Expansion
Luke Epps

Luke is a full-stack web developer and worked for 6 years as a computer forensics expert in the top litigation support firm in the Carolinas, consulting some of the largest corporations and law firms in the world, as well as the Department of Justice.Luke's business approach is founded on a customer-first philosophy. He believes in creating a customer-centric business culture that permeates every level of an organization which builds loyal and meaningful relationships with customers and delivers world class customer experience.

He has lived in several countries, and has more than 7 years in the International Business Development arena, working with several well-known companies to strategically plan and execute market expansion throughout all regions of the world.


rNetwork Founders


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